NIROPEDIC LIFT Hi-Lo Vertical Lift Adjustable Foundation

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  •  If your order is delivered to Rhode Island or Connecticut, a "Bye Bye Mattress" fee (state fee) must be collected. The fee collected per unit applies to mattresses, box springs and adjustable foundations sold as of May 1, 2016. The recycling fee, required by the state, is $16 per unit in Rhode Island and $11.75 per unit in Connecticut. Split foundations for Full, Queen and King size sets count as 3 pieces per set and $48 in Rhode Island and $35.25 in Connecticut are collected per such set. 
    This fee is due in addition to pricing shown and a Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses staff member will call you to assist in paying this fee before your mattress arrives.
    If your order is delivered to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, etc. no fee is due.


    If you fear these words for yourself or someone you care for, read on! Introducing the NIROPEDIC LIFT, our NEW HI - LOW adjustable bed. The NIROPEDIC LIFT lowers for easy entry at "GO TO BED" time, its head and foot sections also adjust for reading, watching TV... and, of course, the most comfortable sleep positions. As needed, the NIROPEDIC LIFT will elevate you to the desired height for any assisted care that needs to be provided. Then, when it's time to get out of bed, the NIROPEDIC LIFT will position you at the best height to "GET OUT OF BED". Go to bed, Sleep and Get out of bed positions are all programmable with NIROPEDIC LIFT remotes 3 programmable memory buttons. Our Mom loves this bed... you will too!

    NIROPEDIC LIFT features & benefits:
    • Base rises and lowers vertically for getting in/out of bed with minimal assistance
    • Head and foot elevation is controlled individually
    • Dual under bed LED lights assist with seeing in the dark
    • Stay at home/facility of your choice, in own bed
    • Choose own style of bedroom that does not resemble a hospital room
    • Availability to purchase an optional accessory handle that can be added for stability when getting in/out of bed
    • Option to create a king size bed consistent of 2 different twin xl size bases/mattresses for a single sleeping surface
    • Bed can be raised to allow easier medical attention at approximately desk height
    • Ease of making the bed without straining back/bending over
    • Freedom to lower base to a height allowing for easy access into bed from standing position or wheelchair
    • Bed can be lowered for easy pet access
    • Emergency battery power down
    • Base (not including mattress) rises and lowers vertically from a minimum of 10"to a maximum of 19". Please add mattress height to calculate overall heights for lowest and highest sleep surface.

    Remote control features:
    • 3 programmable buttons for maximum flexibility (Go to bed, Sleep, Get out of bed)
    • LED lighting for ease of seeing buttons that operate the bed
    • Built-in LED flashlight
    • Tethered remote strap to prevent falling out of reach

    * Always use caution when operating this or any mechanical device around young children or pets. Delivery is recommended to 1st floor only or facilities with an elevator. 

    This base is available in twin size. Please contact a Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses location via online chat, phone or email to discuss important information on purchasing twin size adjustable sleep sets.