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Aireloom Compton Luxury Plush

Aireloom Compton Luxury Plush

Tencel Panel:

Ultra Conforming Knit Panel is made with breathable Tencel. This panel is eco-friendly and incredibly soft to the touch.

Talalay Latex:

This hypoallergenic foam has an open-cell structure that allows ventilation and even heat distribution.

Phase Change Foam:

A comfortable sleep environment created by this particular foam absorbs and dissipates heat so you can sleep with ease.


A unique foam that conforms to your body and aligns your spine to minimize sleep disturbances. 

Micro Coils:

Indulge in two layers of 19 gauge micro coils increases coil count and brings support to the comfort layers. 




Aireloom Compton Luxury Plush

$ 1,829.99