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    If your order is delivered to Rhode Island or Connecticut, a "Bye Bye Mattress" fee (state fee) must be collected. The fee collected per unit applies to mattresses, box springs and adjustable foundations sold as of May 1, 2016. The recycling fee, required by the state, is $16 per unit in Rhode Island and $11.75 per unit in Connecticut. Split foundations for Full, Queen and King size sets count as 3 pieces per set and $48 in Rhode Island and $35.25 in Connecticut are collected per such set. 
    This fee is due in addition to pricing shown and a Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses staff member will call you to assist in paying this fee before your mattress arrives.
    If your order is delivered to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, etc. no fee is due.

    Marshall Mattress Victoria Firm


    Wood/Eucalyptus/Copper Fibers

    These natural and anti-microbial materials enhance the life of your mattress, offer a supportive sleep surface, and provide rapid heat dissipation for a cooler and comfortable sleep. 

    Visco Foam 

    Exceptionally durable, this foam supports posture and relieves pressure points. It releases heat rapidly and recovers quickly to its original shape. 

     Aireluxe Foam

    An incredibly durable and resilient foam which confirms to your body and aligns your spine to minimize sleep disturbances. 

    Eucalyptus Padding

    This eco-friendly material is derived from the eucalyptus tree pulp and creates a soft and comfortable feel. Its extraordinary temperature regulations properties allow the body to remain cool and dry for undisturbed sleep.

     Wrapped Coils 

    Individually wrapped coils that are durable and supportive, they offer superior pressure relief along the shoulders , back and hips. They also help aid shock absorption to minimize motion disturbance between sides.