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Lenora XF


  • Antimicrobial Safeguard Fibers: Fire retardant fibers that provide excellent comfort
  • Advantage!: Intelligently designed infusion of gel and resilient foam offers a cooler sleep with luxurious comfort and durability. 
  • Extra Firm High-Density Foam: A resilient foam that provides superior firmness and support. 
  • iFusion Technology: The combination of open cell memory foam and pressure relieving gel cells results in an optimal temperature sleeping surface while still conforming to every curve of your body.
  • Contour Plus Coil (Encased Coils) with Excellent Edge Foam Encasement: Each coil is individually encased to reduce motion transfer so when your partner moves, you can still enjoy an uninterrupted nights sleep. Our Excellent Edge foam encasement surrounds these coils providing greater stability, a firmer seating edge and 10% more usable sleeping surface. 


Laura Ashely Lenora XF

$ 599.99