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6 pc. Power Sectional


This 6 piece reclining power sectional is a great place to relax.  It features a left facing power recliner, 2 armless chairs, corner wedge, right facing power recliner and a console with USB.  


SKU:                    150735046
Brand Name:       Manwah (Usa), Inc
Dimensions:        (103.5"L) (116.5"R) X39" X40" H 
Color:                   Brown
Fabric:                 95% Polyester, 5% Polyurethan
Construction:      Hardwood & HW Plywood Frame Encased In
                            Foam To Protect Fabric.  Legett And Platt
                            Mechanism Features Chaise PAd For Stress
                            Relief. No Sag Seat Suspension With Seat Zone
                            Support Cushion, 2.0 High Density Foam, Backs
                            Have Inner Bagged And Baffled Fiber Fill



6-Pc. Power Sectional

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