Edge Soft by ViscoSoft

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$ 999.99
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Product Details

  • This mattress features:

    Cooling Cover:

    PCM technology allows you to stay cool & dry

    Copper-Infused Gel Foam

    Copper-infused memory foam encourages proper circulation and pressure relief?ÌÀ

    Ceranium Premium Space Pressure Foam?ÌÀ

    This 8lb foam conforms to the shape of your body?ÌÀ

    Reflex Transition Foam

    This layer keeps your spine aligned while adapting to every sleep position?ÌÀ

    High Density Foam

    6" of dense foam to create a durable foundation that prevents that "quicksand" feeling

    Washable Cover

    The cover is easily removed and machine washable for regular cleaning?ÌÀ