Furniture & Mattress Removal

Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses is pleased to offer an exciting new program, through which we are allowing customers that purchase, to have a β€œlike” item removed for a fee. In order to have sufficient room on the trucks, this is an β€œitem purchased ~ like item removed only” program. Meaning, you purchase a sofa and we will remove an old sofa for a fee (not purchase a sofa and remove a table). Items removed must be sanitary. We reserve the right to not remove unsanitary items, which includes bug infestation. Removal fee paid and items removed from same address where delivering new product. The fee is non negotiable and cannot be waived.

  • Bedding pieces (Mattress/Boxspring) - $10 per piece - 1REMBED46
    ***Bedding Removal fee is NOT the recycle fee - in RI - a recycle fee is required by the state is $16/piece and is charged on all NEW mattress/boxsprings sold. Removal fee is $10/piece and is charged for each mattress and each boxspring being removed.***
  • 1 item at $75 - 1REMOVE06
  • 2-5 items at $139.99 - 1REMOVE18
  • 6 items at $159.99 - 1REMOVE32
  • 7 items at $179.99 - 1REMOVE56
  • 8 items at $199.99 - 1REMOVE68
  • 9 items at $219.99 - 1REMOVE70
  • 10 items at $239.99 - 1REMOVE82
  • 11 items at $259.99 - 1REMOVE94
  • 12 items at $279.99 - 1REMOVE44

Quantity of items delivered = quantity of pieces being removed.

We do not promise that the Website or Website Content will be error-free, uninterrupted or without inaccuracies. We do not deliver to the state of California. Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses has the right to cancel and refund orders due to pricing errors.