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Ready To Replace That Hand-Me-Down Furniture?

  Spare bedrooms and children’s rooms often get furnished with leftovers, but like the middle child that gets overlooked, these rooms deserve attention too. If you’re furnishing a spare room, choose the style you like. For instance, if you like all things modern, there’s no way you’ll be happy with something from the rustic cabin world no matter how cute it is. Think about the type of guests you usually have and how they will use the room. Should you get a queen size bed, two twins, or maybe even a bunk bed? Guests might not expect to have a chest of drawers to use, but a nightstand is always useful. A full-length mirror is a must to cut down...

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Master the Act of Quality

Many aspects of life are a compromise. But your master bedroom shouldn’t be one of them. You deserve the quality and conveniences that make daily life easier, so you’re equipped to handle whatever else life throws your way. We researched those little extra details and found they really are a big deal. Like deeper drawers to fit all your shirts and socks. An extra jewelry drawer to reduce clutter. A convenient clothes rod to stay organized. So we built many of these features into Cardi’s Furniture Direct Design line, where our buyers work directly with top factories to create pieces with more of the high-quality design details you want at a better value. Just look for the Cardi’s Direct Design...

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Add A Pop Of Fun And Flirty!

  Showcase your personality with accessories…a bicycle pub table, an aqua fainting couch, a leather-seated bench. Maybe even something in Ultra Violet, Pantone’s dramatic 2018 Color of the Year. Whether you’re creative, cheeky or colorful, now’s the time to let it shine.      

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Energize Your Home's Work Zone

Even if you don’t work from home, you still need a headquarters to manage your household. You know, paying bills, ordering groceries, etc. The right desk can make it easier, even fun. Choose a style and color that speaks to your inner designer and tempts you to spend time there. To keep clutter at bay, take advantage of vertical space with a hutch, or choose a desk with lots of drawers. Then choose the right chair to fit your frame or you’ll find bill-paying to be a pain in the neck, literally.    

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Entertainment: It's all about balance

  The television and entertainment center is often the focal point of the living room or if you’re lucky, the dedicated theater room. Choosing the right support system to hold your gear is a balance of size and style. Here’s a quick rundown. If you have the largest possible television and lots of components, an entertainment center may be right for you. They can be as tall as 72” and 120” or more wide, with lots of shelves and drawers for your gear. Caution: these aren’t ideal for small spaces; they’ll take over.   TV consoles, on the other hand, are one of the simplest styles and easy to move if you rearrange your furniture. Place your TV on top,...

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