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Sitting Pretty

You know those super-achieving people who never seem to break a sweat? That’s the accent chair! It’s the hardest-working yet best-looking piece of furniture in the room. Use them to add a pop of color, texture, shapeliness, pattern, and yes, attitude.    

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Lift Your Guests Spirits With Great Sleep Sofas

Summer often brings out of town family and friends on vacation. But give up your bed for overnight guests? No need with great sleep sofa options. Summer often brings out of town family and friends on vacation. But give up your bed for overnight guests? No need with great sleep sofa options. Especially if you choose a sleep sofa-chaise that pops out to a sleeping/TV-watching/hanging out platform that’s bigger than a queen bed. What’s more, it has a secret storage compartment! Sleep sofas are such a versatile piece of furniture, every home in America should have at least one. Add one to the den for daily seating and on occasion sleeping. Put one in the kid’s room for their overnight...

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Myth Busters: The Truth About Leather Furniture

  The biggest truth: you can’t go wrong if you look for 100% genuine leather. Still, some common misperceptions persist. Let’s set the record straight. Myth #1: Leather furniture is old and stuffy-looking. Truth: Not any more! Today’s styles range from low, sleek contemporary to casual rustic to classic hand wiped antique. Features such as nailhead trim, button tufting and stitching detail enable you to find a leather style that suits your personality. Consider crocodile embossing to get that exotic world-traveler vibe. Myth #2: Leather only comes in black and brown. Truth: Color possibilities abound! Choose berry red, white, blue, sage, grey and more to make a style statement, or choose neutrals to blend with existing décor. Add texture with...

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It's All About The Motion

Recline, rock, glide, swivel, lift…what type of motion floats your boat?   The traditional rocker-recliner rocks when upright and lowers fully on an arched track to recline – a favorite of new moms since the rocking motion is soothing. Push-back models have no lever or button and rely on body pressure to recline. They do not rock and don’t take up as much room, great for book reading, conversation, and cat napping. Glider recliners are similar to rockers, except they move forward and back on a linear path instead of an arched path. If you have the room, swivel recliners are designed on a circular base that lets you swing left to right as well as recline. Lift chairs lift...

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Get The Look You Love

You flip through a magazine, watch home design shows, and wonder: why can’t I achieve that pulled together look? The truth is: you can. We’ll let you in on another secret: you don’t need an army of stagers running around placing vases. We’ve staged full rooms (on these pages and in the showroom) with carefully curated and pre-coordinated pieces to help you pull your look together. Modern but industrial? Check. Classic and timeless? Double check. But we’re not talking matchy matchy sets. The sought-after look of the day is that coordinated eclectic vibe with pieces that bring you joy. Today’s living room furniture focuses on high design, sophisticated fabrics, and great value.   We’ll show you how this sofa works...

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