Don't pull the rug out from under your feet!


Rugs are an essential part of your home decorating and quality of living. They add more to a room than just something to walk on. Of course, comfort is one of the key qualities to look for when purchasing rug. If you are someone who walks around barefoot, you may not want to purchase a textured rug, something shaggy would do you well. On the other hand, if the rug is being purchased for an elderly person a shag rug is not an idea solution. Always consider who will be walking on the rug. ​ 

Make sure you plan out where your rug will be. You will need to get the right size to fit the room. The general rule is to buy something that covers your seating area, but it does not necessarily need to cover the whole room.  Ideally your chairs and other furniture pieces should have at least the front legs on the rug. This allows you and your guests to have your feet on the fabric of the rug, essentially making sitting that much more comfortable. Last, but not least. Color! You want something that will match your current color palette. If you have a room that is already "busy" pick something with the least amount of pattern.  If your room could use a pop of color, find something bright and fun.  You can also get multiple small rugs of like colors, and patterns to create a layered look. ​

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