Time For Recess?

Everyone needs a little downtime. Chill out with a great entertainment center! Whether you’re furnishing a dedicated theater room or a multi-function great room, an entertainment center that meets your needs can anchor the room with style. When choosing location, find the spot with the least amount of sunlight to avoid glare bouncing off your screen. Then remember these three rules. 1. Measure 3D wall space: width, depth and height. If it helps, draw out the room on graph paper and figure in enough space for seating so traffic can flow freely when you make a snack run. 2. Consider your electronics, current and future. Technology advances, prices drop, and you may want a larger television in the future, so leave yourself room to grow. Take note of all your components – DVD player, cable box, receiver, game console – and where all the cables need to be connected. 3. Choose your style. With all the options available, this may be the hardest part. Do you want open shelving for books and collectibles? Do you need drawers for gaming remotes and disc storage? Do you want a built-in fireplace? As for color, there are choices for every décor, from natural-finished woods to the latest neutrals in cool weathered charcoal.