Back to School Student Furniture and Storage Solutions

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When heading back to school, Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses knows that the pace of life can get pretty hectic. The best way to ease the struggle is preparation. Tackle the issue head-on with good student furniture to stay organized and combat stress.

Before the school year begins, let Cardi's help with creating a functional space for completing schoolwork with storage bins and the best school desk. Check out our student storage ideas and the top-selling student furniture collections in Rhode Island. Our collection ranges from dorm room furniture to elegant pieces with tremendous storage capacity.

New England teens will love their school bag storage area, bed with a storage compartment, spacious desk, and outfitted ottomans with storage compartments. 

Creating a Youth Bedroom for School Success

Students need a quiet place to work, and our youth bedrooms will help your child get in touch with their inner Einstein. For student furniture, the most important features are:

  • Organizational storage bins for storing material for each class.
  • A desk and surface area to dedicate to using a computer.
  • A quiet, uncluttered place to think and work.
  • Creative places to store items in limited space.

Beds with Storage

When it comes to student furniture, a young adult's space may be limited. The key to dealing with tons of items and limited space is to buy furniture that's been designed with versatile properties. For instance, a bed with storage compartments takes the most significant piece of furniture in the room (the bed) and provides ample space for extra items. 

Our youth bedroom sets feature many twin or larger frames with storage space. 

Chests to Stay Clean and Organized with Clothes

When the school season resumes, so does Rhode Island winter weather and all those extra layers. When we factor in fall and winter weather plus additional school uniforms or outfits, the result can become hectic without a place to store clothes. Cardi's youth chests come in an array of styles, including one with ten sets of drawers or ones with deep, smaller drawers.

Since young people love a sense of ownership, make sure to view our specific pieces outfitted in youthful designs like metallic glam paint or a chest replete with a spot for media. Young adults will find they constantly have more possessions and less space. You can ease the transition by providing student furniture and storage options. 

An Essential Piece for the Home: a Desk for Study Time

Student life is focused on academics and leisure time. This translates to finding a desk that's the appropriate center or focal point of the room. In Rhode Island and New England, university life is part of our tradition. We recommend looking at polished metallic glam desks, traditional student desks, antique-influenced pieces, and gaming desks. The gaming desks are a relatively new incorporation to our collection. Still, a space to play is also becoming a place to compute for many young people interested in computer programming. Whether your teen is already developing a taste for rustic pieces or wants to embrace the modern gaming deck, Cardi's will undoubtedly have one perfect desk for your student. 

Big Benefits of Having a Dedicated Drop Zone for Bags and Backpacks

One of the significant components of dorm room furniture has always been the storage ottoman. Student furniture is always about learning how to use compartments, layered trays, shelving, and utilizing every inch to maximize one's space. One top organizational tip is to use one part of the room as a dedicated drop zone. This means the items should end up in their place each day when the student arrives home. This drop zone is where coats, backpacks, and keys should go.

Drop zones require some forethought, like using an ottoman next to the desk as a place to put a book bag and their textbooks. A storage ottoman next to a desk can be used for comfort and to stow books and other desk items. 

Back-to-School Shopping Can Include Furniture with Storage Options

See us at Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses for ideas. Remember that storage and space are critical factors in student housing and rooms. We have an array of back-to-school furniture and student furniture. Our student furniture meets the needs and design aspirations of current students. 

Contact us for more information and inspiration to help your student make excellent design choices. 


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