Sleep Sofas for Guests

A sofa sleeper can be an excellent way to add room for overnight guests without setting up a spare bedroom.

  • Sofa sleepers and sofa beds have some significant differences.
  • Several factors figure into which sleeper sofa model suits your needs best.

What Is a Sofa Sleeper?

A sofa sleeper has a mattress inside the frame, which folds out for your guests to sleep. A sofa bed is similar to a futon in that it folds out flat to make a bed and doesn’t have a mattress. You may also see sofa sleepers called hideaway beds or sofa couches.

How Is a Sofa Sleeper Different from a Sofa Bed?

Though many people think that sofa sleepers and sofa beds are the same, there are some essential differences.

  • A sofa sleeper usually is much larger than a sofa bed. The sleeper is large enough for two adults to sleep comfortably.
  • Since the sleeper sofa has a mattress built-in, they provide for a better night’s rest than the multipurpose cushions of a sofa bed. This feature is significant if you are sleeping on it for several nights. You can choose the quality of the mattress. Some sleeper sofas even offer premium options such as memory foam.
  • When it’s not in use as a bed, a sofa sleeper looks like any other couch and doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic of your room. You can even find loveseat and jumbo chair sofa sleepers with full and twin mattresses inside.
  • Sofa sleeper mattresses are standard size, so most fit a standard queen set of linens. Sofa beds may be odd dimensions that are hard to match with sheets and comforters.
  • A premium sleeper sofa can be used every day if necessary, so it’s an excellent choice for a tiny apartment or long-term guests. A sofa bed is unlikely to hold up to daily use.

What Should I Look for in a Sofa Sleeper?

What you need in a sleeper sofa depends on how you plan to use it. If you plan to use it regularly, you want to choose a more upscale model for appearance and comfort. Pay particular attention to the fold-out mechanism and make sure the bar doesn’t sit at your lower back when you are lying down. Another option is a sleeper sofa with a wood platform instead of a bar system.

Consider a high-quality mattress made from memory foam or a gel mattress. These options are well worth the extra cost if you or your guests sleep on the sleeper sofa regularly. Of all the features, the sleeper sofa mattress makes the most significant difference in the comfort level.

Size and available space are two other important considerations. Sleeper sofas need extra space when you open them up to use the mattress, so you want to measure how much floor area you have. Remember to leave adequate space for walking, other pieces of furniture, and a view of the television if applicable.

Finally, consider the weight of a sleeper sofa. Because it houses a mattress inside and the mechanism to fold it out, it will be heavier than a traditional sofa. If your home has more than one story, it may be easier to keep the sofa sleeper on the ground floor.

Where Can I Learn More About Sleep Sofas?

At Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses, we have a wide selection of sleep sofas in couch and sectional sizes. Our professional and knowledgeable team can help you choose the affordable sleeper sofa that best fits your needs and your available space. Visit us at any of our locations around southern New England and New Hampshire. We’re open seven days a week for your convenience.