Simple and easy ways to upgrade your bedroom



Today’s bedrooms are used for much more than sleep. We use our bedrooms as a storage space, dressing room, and place to relax and watch TV or read a book. Many bedrooms include nooks carved out for an office area or craft corners. Whatever roles your bedroom plays, it’s important to make it your own. We have ideas for bringing an updated look to your bedroom while playing off of your existing furniture and décor.

Upholstered beds and headboards: A place to rest your head

Upholstered beds are a bedroom trend that is still going strong, and we can see why! These beds can give a room a soft, luxurious feel, and provide a padded place to rest your head when propped up in bed. Upholstered headboards have a classic feel. Yet, they still feel current. And they can also give your bedroom a much-needed update, without breaking the bank!

An upholstered headboard can be attached to any metal bed frame.

If you are looking to upgrade your entire bed, select an upholstered bed which includes headboard, footboard and siderails, and may also include a slat system. For an easy and low-cost update, you can also choose an upholstered headboard that attaches to a standard metal bed frame and is height adjustable, designed to accommodate different mattress thicknesses. Upholstered headboards are available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing for an easy bedroom upgrade.

If you already have bold colors or other focal points in your room, like patterned wall paper behind your bed or other bold wall art, or if you just like the calm appeal of soft, neutral pieces, select a solid-colored upholstered headboard in a simple design and your favorite neutral color: trendy and cool grey, warm espresso or others. Look for clean lines with subtle stitching for stylish, yet casual appeal, or select an elegant, rounded-top headboard with button tufting to complement traditional styles while still looking current.

If your bedroom already features mostly neutrals and you want to make a big change by adding a bold focal point, a bright colored or patterned upholstered headboard can provide a trendy update to your room. Pair a black and white chevron upholstered headboard with simple bedding sets—try a light grey or white duvet set—and you’ll have a trendy and chic look, which can be further personalized with accent pillows and a colored throw.


Benchmark for success

A storage ottoman or bench serves several main rolls in the bedroom. Storage options give you a place to store essentials, from extra linens to a storage ottoman specially designed to place your shoes. Plus, they can be used for a comfy spot to sit when assessing your wardrobe, putting on shoes, just chatting or more. However, storage ottomans and benches aren’t limited to utilitarian roles. Place a stylish piece at the foot of your bed to add style and a finishing touch to your bedroom. Choose a neutral ottoman to softly complement and accent existing furniture, or choose an ottoman in your favorite shade. You can also select a storage ottoman to match a new upholstered headboard for an updated and finished bedroom look.


Lighting the way to a stylish bedroom update

A bright, yet often overlooked aspect of room décor is lighting. New lighting can add brightness to a room or create a warm glow for a cozy setting. Lighting can also enhance your décor and update the look of your bedroom. A new chandelier can create a dramatic update in your bedroom, and styles range from glamourous to industrial—and everything in-between. Consider using lighting in an unexpected way to create an interesting modern or eclectic look in your bedroom. For example, a set of pendant lights can be hung above your nightstands in lieu of traditional lamps.

Upholstered headboards, storage ottomans and lighting are easy, and sometimes unexpected, ways to update your bedroom if you want an update but still like your current bedroom furniture suite. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post Bedroom Buys, Part 2 for more tips on how to enhance your bedroom décor and create the perfect private oasis in your home.