Decor ideas to consider when creating the perfect reading nook!


Book lovers and relaxation hunters alike understand the importance of tucking into a cozy space with a good novel and a warm drink. And nothing says cozy quite like a reading nook. If you’re looking to designate some space for reading and relaxing, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.


A Bench New World

When you think of a reading nook, you may think of a long window seat tucked into the wall. There are easy ways to run with that idea. Utilize sectioned off areas in your home, like spaces under stairs or dormers, and create a cozy built-in area that feels as natural. Don’t want to or can’t build a customized area in your home? Use a plush bench that fits your space instead to capture that customized feel without having to do any of the work. Benches that double as storage offer a nice bonus to your space!


A Farewell to Arm Chairs

Not a bench fan? The same sectioned off feeling can be gained through a big, comfy chair. Find an accent chair that fits your space and that you can see yourself sitting in for hours at a time. Make your chair even cozier by piling on plush blankets, cushions, and pillows.


The Lion, the Witch, and the Bookshelf

No nook is complete without books. A great way to form a reading nook is to use bookshelves to create a corner to tuck into. That way you have a sectioned off or structured area and the perfect shelving to house all of your novels. If you’ve got less room to work with, save space by using wall shelving instead of standing shelving.


On the Rug

A great way to up the coziness factor is to add an area rug. Not only does it make your nook even easier to nestle in, but it helps create a visual separation in your space to make the nook feel even more distinct. Neutral colored rugs work well if you’ve already brought some accent furniture into your space, or if you’re looking to play with a more neutral, tone on tone look. Otherwise, play with patterns and colors in your rug in order to give your space a unique style.