Myth Busters: The Truth About Leather Furniture


The biggest truth: you can’t go wrong if you look for 100% genuine leather. Still, some common misperceptions persist.

Let’s set the record straight.

Myth #1: Leather furniture is old and stuffy-looking. Truth: Not any more! Today’s styles range from low, sleek contemporary to casual rustic to classic hand wiped antique. Features such as nailhead trim, button tufting and stitching detail enable you to find a leather style that suits your personality. Consider crocodile embossing to get that exotic world-traveler vibe.

Myth #2: Leather only comes in black and brown. Truth: Color possibilities abound! Choose berry red, white, blue, sage, grey and more to make a style statement, or choose neutrals to blend with existing décor. Add texture with contrasting toss pillows such as tweed, velvet or nubby linen.

Myth #3: Leather is out of my budget. Truth: There are choices at every price point so you can make a statement from classy to casual without spending a bundle. A 100% genuine leather sofa will not crack and peel like vinyl; and will last as long as three fabric sofas on average. That makes it a value-minded investment.

Myth #4: Leather is cold in winter, hot in summer. Truth: Maybe in your car, but leather furniture indoors takes on the temperature of your body within 12 seconds. Real, top-grain leather is comprised of about 12-14 percent water, so it acclimates quickly.

Myth #5: Leather is hard to care for. Truth: It’s easy. Just condition it twice a year; spills clean up easily with an absorbent cloth. Do not use harsh detergents, soaps or solvents.

Myth #6: My kids/pets will ruin it. Truth: Doesn’t have to be. Leather is super durable.