More Power For The People!


Reclining furniture is more relaxing than ever before with more power options and stylish choices



“Is it comfortable?” That’s the number one question shoppers ask and the answer is a resounding Yes! Especially now that many motion furniture pieces include a power headrest. No more kinks in your neck and you’ll get the perfect position for your head and body – no matter if you’re watching TV, reading a book, or sneaking a nap.

You will find recliners all tricked out with a USB plug, cup holders with night lights, reading lights and hidden storage. Choose a variety of materials to suit your style, whether leather or one of our performance fabrics such as Kashmira®, the most durable fabric in the industry.

Or go the classic route with a LA-Z-BOY, the people who invented the recliner and continue to innovate with independent reclining action, 16 ratcheted comfort positions, and more. Their latest innovation is iClean™ by LA-Z-BOY, a super stain resistant fabric that cleans up with just a blot of paper towel. During the manufacturing process, the entire fabric is immersed in a stain resistant solution, guaranteeing each and every fiber is treated to repel spills before they turn into stains.

Reclining comfort isn’t limited to a single seat, there are reclining sofas and loveseats too. With the modular reclining sectional, each seat is its own piece so you can create a sectional as big or small as you like and there won’t be a bad seat in the house. It’s perfect to size up or down for living room or home theater.

We know there’ll be some snacking going on while you’re relaxing, so make sure you choose a table that works with the recliner. Pie-shaped choices are perfect for a sectional and lift-top cocktail tables are great in front of the sofa.

Now carrying IMG of Norway by Ekorness! Add some mid-century flair to your home with these unique reclining chairs and matching ottomans. Wood bases and minimalist design bring in that classic Nordic feel, and there are four leather color choices. Available in three sizes, they’re highly engineered with built-in lumbar support and cold-molded foam. Designed in Norway, IMG by Ekorness really knows how to embrace the idea of relaxing.