With the variety of options available, here’s our advice on selecting the ideal mattress for you.


Goodnight Quick Guide

Is your mattress more than a decade old? Get a new mattress. Are you waking every morning with back and/or neck pain? Get a new mattress. (And maybe check in with your doctor.) Do you wake feeling restless instead of rested? Get a new mattress. Are you ready for a high quality sleeping experience? Get a new mattress.

Have you said yes to any of the above and you can make it work in your budget? GET A NEW MATTRESS. Easiest advice you will read all day.

Mattress Types Worth the Hype

Surprisingly, and thankfully, hipsters haven’t made straw beds popular again. Even they know how important a good mattress is. Pick out the type that is right for you, not necessarily right for the trends.

Coil/innerspring: Featuring one or more layer of steel springs, this mattress type is one of the most widely popular and affordable. The coils themselves can vary by size, shape and number, as motion transfer technology advances. Great for that traditional mattress bounce and naturally cooling airflow.

Memory foam: High-density polyurethane foam works as the support system, giving your back some pressure relief and contouring to your body like a hug. Sleepers who need a lot of support generally prefer memory foam. And don’t worry about their hot-running reputation. New technology has given them a more open cell structure, allowing for more airflow and keeping you cooler.

Gel: Like the memory foam mattresses above, but with gel beads infused into the polyurethane.

Latex: Like foam and gel, but without the intense contouring. Latex gives great responsiveness and bounce, but keeps you cool as a comforted cucumber. Bonus? Latex is hypo-allergenic, which makes it great for people plagued by allergens that are inherent in other mattress types.

No matter the mattress, make sure you are comfortable. A good night’s sleep is crucial for overall wellbeing! Sleep well and live well.