Create furniture groupings to fit your style—from traditional to open concept.




If you’re itching to renovate, start at the heart of your home.

Because your family, friends and extended family members are going to be spending most of their time in the living room, you should make it the sort of place that you actually like to be in. Don’t worry about following every single trend at once or making some sort of design faux pas. The only “bad” living room is one you don’t like.

Face the Space

Now that we know the “living” part of the living room is obviously incredibly important, don’t forget the second half—the room itself. When we think about decorating, we often think about all the frosting, but not the cake. The floor plan of your room must be the first thing on your mind when you start to redecorate. Is it a traditional, closed-in room? Skip the overstuffed chairs. Choose smaller-scale furniture and keep the knick-knacks to a minimum. Too much stuff can make a small room feel even smaller. Open floor plan? Stretch out! Lengthen your room by choosing an estate sofa, which is 90+ inches long for plenty of room to relax.

If your room focus is entertainment based, provide a stylish and functional focus area with an entertainment center.

Living with Purpose

Okay, so you know the shape of your room, but do you know its purpose? What do you and your loved ones consider “living”? Will you be sitting around the fireplace for conversation? Watching television? Playing video games? All three and then some? Consider an entertainment/media center to stylishly store your electronics, and if you’re playing cards or board games, choose an accent table that can double as a play space.

Also, if you have pets, pick microfiber upholstery. Trust us.

Hocus Focus

Have a focal point? Will design. If you have a gorgeous view, an inviting hearth or a super cool couch, work with it! Start with that as your center and work outwards, opening up your room from that point. If you’re designing around said super cool couch, make sure the rest of your furniture work as accent pieces. And for the love of all things brilliant, get some lamps. Lighting can make or break a room. Skip the overhead lights for table lamps and floor lamps of different heights.