Lived In Living

Fussy, formal parlors are long gone. For today’s casual living rooms, you need fabrics that earn an A+ for durability and cleanability. We don’t know about you, but our sofas get lived in. The pet-jumping, roughhousing, TV-binging, book-reading, nap-taking kind of lived in. And we want it to stay new-looking for years to come. Enter the new performance fabrics. Tops on our list is Kashmira®, a suede-like cross between fabric and leather. It passes both the easy cleanup test and the industry double-rub test. To be certified for use in residential furniture, fabrics must meet an 8,000 double-rub minimum standard without showing signs of wear. Kashmira® aces the exam with 250,000 double rubs without a single tear, pill or worn spot. Even ball point pen ink comes right off with just a baby wipe. Sunbrella® also offers super-cleanability and fade resistance. And Crypton® is a new antibacterial woven material offering different textures at an affordable price point.
Liquids bead up on it and easily blot off. Right after performance on our sofa shopping list is style versatility. Choose from super-casual big and comfy furniture you sink into, modified Chesterfield styles with sexy harp arm curvature, clean, sleek lines of mid-century modern, or the match-any-décor ease of transitional. Sectionals offer the max in flexibility to design your own space with as many or as few pieces as you choose. Cardi’s offers all those and MORE Next up: Color. Current trends call for a combination of textures, colors and patterns to achieve that eclectic look and make your room pop. Coastal colors and stripes are in high demand and Cardi’s carries one of the largest selections around. We’re also seeing lots of monochromatic themes and light base tones that deliver today’s sought-after natural vibe. A mix of materials – fabric, wood, metal – adds to the style interest and the eclectic feel.