How To Decorate a Cozy Living Room

While small spaces pack several design challenges, decorating the living room can be tricky. To create a cohesive space, it’s important to define how your living room will function. A comfy sofa is essential for cozy movie nights, great lighting is critical for evening reading sessions, and a good rug is vital for your kids’ playtime. 

But how do you ensure you strike a balance between making the room as spacious as possible while squeezing in some extra seating for a cozy living room? Here we have rounded some elegant small living room design ideas to help you decorate your living room.

Shot of a living room

Anchor the Living Room With Furniture

One of the basics of how to decorate a small living room is through the use of furniture. When properly set up, you can easily give your compact living room the desired look. For instance, if you want to turn your TV area into an accent wall, you can add a credenza. 

Better yet, you can also add other living room furniture like side tables, coffee tables, accent chairs, and upholstered ottomans for entertainment and hosting. One good thing about this design scheme is that it is compatible with rooms of all sizes. Therefore, you can as well use it in yours accordingly.

Make the Right Sofa Choice

At the moment, the market in Southern New England & New Hampshire is filled with different sofa designs and furniture pieces to choose from. Therefore, you can opt for a neutral sofa design to lighten up your space, which doesn’t need to be entirely plain.

Instead, you can opt for a design with beautiful color details and patterns that create a perfect blend with natural light, provided that they match your floor space. If you want to add more character, designs with buttons, patterns, curves, pops of color, and fluting will do. Additionally, you can also use throw-in bolder shades and cushions to lighten up your space. 

Sectional sofas offer something for every space, large or small, however, there are a couple things you should consider; if you live on a second-floor (or higher) apartment, consider sectional sofas that are about 24-30-inches wide, which can be moved easily. Alternatively, if you anticipate living in the space for a long time, a larger sectional can work (such as a 120-inch sectional sofa), since you won’t be trying to move it up and down any stairs for a while.

Avoid a Corridor Effect with a Sectional Sofa

If your living room is quite long and thin, incorporating an L-shaped sectional sofa can help you create something warm and cozy and avoid that corridor effect. Therefore, if you previously had any pale furniture, consider replacing them with a corner sectional sofa. This design trick helps create more room that can help you accommodate more people in your narrow living space.

Distract with Statement Pieces

Another consideration for how to decorate a small living room is to select one or two statement items to make certain aspects of your living room stand out. For instance, you can decide to add a piece of art that can grab attention, an oversized table lamp, beautiful gallery wall, glass coffee table, or even better, an armchair upholstered in bold colors or a fabulous fabric.

Rethink Your Coffee Table

For small-sized living rooms, creating more functional space is vital. Therefore, if you have furniture like a coffee table that is quite big, you can opt for smaller tables that can help you create larger living space to accommodate other living room décor accessories like glass furniture, nesting tables, and light sources. 

You may also consider a coffee table with several compartments to create extra storage space. Likewise, with extra space, you can opt for extra pieces of furniture like a daybed instead of a sofa. This helps convert your tight space from something regular into a multipurpose living room.

Keep It Cozy

One way to make your small space super welcoming for your family and visitors is by making your seating arrangement as close to each other as possible. In addition to that, choose a soft area rug or a plush to complete the setup. This helps convert your space into something more welcoming and intimate- Just as you would love it.

Cozy Living Room Furniture in New England

If you are a homeowner who wishes to know more about how to decorate a living room of any size, there are lots of choices for furniture here in Southern New England & New Hampshire. Therefore, if you need any, we are your go-to place. Likewise, if you would like to get more information about bedroom furniture, reach out to us, and we will help you accordingly.


Image Source: Hendrickson Photography / Shutterstock