Hot Summer Nights Keeping You Awake?

Sleep experts are not surprised. As part of your body’s natural rhythm, your core temperature drops about half a degree at night, signaling bedtime.

That’s hard to do in the summer, and not everyone can crank up the A/C. Worse, every night you could be losing multiple hours of sleep if you have a mattress that doesn’t fit your body.

Sleep is as important to a healthy life as diet and exercise. And as London shoemaker John Wildsmith said, “you are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.”

So perhaps it’s time to look into a new sleep system that supports the way you sleep. Consider mattresses and pillows with temperature management built in and sheet sets with breathable fabrics like Egyptian cotton and bamboo.

New adjustable platform beds are embracing technology to help you get a good night’s sleep. Sensors integrated into the power platform can be paired with a smart phone app to remember your favorite bed profile settings, monitor your sleep cycles and deliver personalized feedback.

A better night’s sleep might even start with a better shopping experience. You want a store that doesn’t rush you, that cares about your health, that offers complete transparency on every bed’s specifications, and that walks you through the whole sleep system fitting process.