Holidays Are Family Time!


From the Thanksgiving football games right through the New Year’s Rose Bowl parade, TV watching with the family is a holiday bonding tradition as you cheer on favorite teams and share a classic movie.

Come game time, it’s usually a race to see who gets the most comfortable seat in the house. With today’s motion furniture, everyone can have a great seat. Start with the traditional manual recliner, still a fan favorite. Add power for infinite reclining positions, then take it a step further with power headrests and power lumbar supports for the ultimate in customizable comfort.

Another choice is the power function wand to make position changes a bit easier.

For smaller rooms, think about recliners that don’t look like recliners. LA-Z-BOY has developed an innovative technology called DUO Motion that blends stationary styling with power reclining comfort. It’s a brand-new patented mechanism that flips an extended footrest out from under the sofa.

It’s hidden when not reclining and the DUO offers zero proximity to the wall.

For the theater room, there’s the command central sofa. It features lift up storage arms, pop-up electrical outlets with USB plugs, built-in reading lights and of course, cup holders. Illumination along the base ensures you don’t trip when making a snack run.

Speaking of USB ports, some power furniture comes with battery packs so you don’t have wires showing. But keep in mind that battery packs will drain more quickly than you might expect when using the USB port for charging.

Another innovative design is the waterfall effect so there’s no gap when the footrest comes up. Material choices offer many colors, fabrics and textures, from velvet to a suedelike material called gaucho to performance fabrics like LA-Z-BOY’s stain-resistant iClean™, and Kashmira®, the most durable fabric in the industry that feels like a cross between leather and fabric.

Perhaps the most magical feature of all? How motion furniture reduces holiday stress and tense shoulders with a quick flip of the footrest.