Get The Look You Love

You flip through a magazine, watch home design shows, and wonder: why can’t I achieve that pulled together look? The truth is: you can.


We’ll let you in on another secret: you don’t need an army of stagers running around placing vases. We’ve staged full rooms (on these pages and in the showroom) with carefully curated and pre-coordinated pieces to help you pull your look together. Modern but industrial? Check. Classic and timeless? Double check.

But we’re not talking matchy matchy sets. The sought-after look of the day is that coordinated eclectic vibe with pieces that bring you joy. Today’s living room furniture focuses on high design, sophisticated fabrics, and great value.

We’ll show you how this sofa works with that table; these lamps with those chairs. The biggest question we get: how to choose patterns that play well together? If you’d rather have a root canal, don’t worry. Use the designers’ 60/30/10 rule: stick to 60 percent of a favorite pattern, 30 percent of a second pattern, and 10 percent of a third as an accent. Include solids in supporting roles such as the sofa. Repeat colors to help disparate patterns seem related


Here are a few more tips to guide you.

Identify your favorite colors and styles as well as landscapes and pictures that speak to you.

What’s the common vibe?

Have some existing pieces you absolutely want to keep? That’s okay. Acknowledge them, make

them the focal point and look for items that jive to make the final result more cohesive.

Starting from scratch? Start by looking for one piece you absolutely love and design around it.

Deciding on a main element such as a sofa can be a helpful reference point for other decisions.

Work in layers: area rugs, furniture, lighting, window treatments and wall art.

Still not feeling sure of yourself? Chat with our pros on the sales floor or work with one of the designers from Decorating Solutions by Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses