Dress your living room for spring

Nothing says spring like a fresh new look in the living room.


You try on a dress in blue but you’re just not feeling it. Same dress in red, and bam! You fall in love. Same thing with furniture - the same exact sofa can look drastically different just by changing up the fabric. Your choice can give the piece a whole new vibe, from sophisticated chic to nautical cottage. When shopping, don’t get stuck on the fabric you see on the showroom floor, look at the swatches and let us help you choose. Of course, the ultimate in making your own style is Cardi’s Custom Upholstery which includes sofas, loveseats, sectionals and chairs. Choose from 400 fabulous fabrics (plus leather) and six furniture styles from modern to classic, simple to sexy. Your furniture will be personalized to your taste and your family. Combined with skillful tailoring, quality construction and innovative designs, the result is a custom piece you won’t see in anyone else’s living room.


If you choose a performance fabric, you can forget about a big spring cleaning job for your furniture each year. Kashmira® is tops on our list. It’s a suede-like cross between fabric and leather, and it aces the cleanup and rigorous durability tests without a single tear, pill or worn spot. Ballpoint pen ink comes off with just a baby wipe! Crypton® is another woven option that offers antibacterial properties, plus liquids bead up and easily blot off.


If you have lots of sunlight streaming in, you might want to consider Sunbrella® for super fade-resistance and easy cleanup.

One more spring tip: changing living room accessories is an easy way to get a new look. Swap out heavy-looking table lamps for sleek floor models, replace old accessories with natural decorative elements like seashells. The décor collections at Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses are always fun and always changing.