Designing a kids room is no picnic!

Having a cool bedroom is always in style. Having options that work with your space and budget is even better. Fortunately, with a wide variety of styles, we can make achieving both goals a piece of cake. For the baby’s room, shades of gray or white furniture paired with soft colors (pink, blue, yellow, mint) are serene but also offer a modern twist. As children get older they form their own style preferences, often embracing bright primary colors and bold patterns which are easy to accommodate with accent chairs, area rugs, and ottomans.

For tweens and teens, storage becomes even more important for books, clothes, sports equipment and more. Think underbed drawers, bookcases, and beds with built-in shelving. For ever-changing technology, don’t forget hidden USB plugs and flexible desk arrangements.

If room sharing has you playing referee, design the room so each child can “own” a corner with a desk or special reading chair of their own. If you have side-by-side twin beds, put a dresser between them to serve as a nightstand for each child. Bunk beds often make sharing easier with clear boundaries and personal space, but don’t forget safety. Use guardrails on the top bunk and make sure they extend five inches above the mattress top to keep kids from rolling off. If the head or footboard has slats, the closer together they are, the safer they are. Step-up bunks are easier on smaller kids and installing a nightlight near the ladder is recommended.