5 Warning Signs that Your Mattress Causes Your Back Pain

Young woman sleeping peacefully

While the Princess and the Pea may sound like a children's fable, the story may sound a lot like reality for anyone who experiences chronic back pain. When hot summers and cold, snowy winters in New England are causing discomfort, it's probably not the weather. If sore shoulders, a stiff neck, and an aching lower back are causing you pain, then it's time to take a look at your mattress. It may not be a pea or the climate bothering your back; chances are it's a mattress that has a poor orthopedic design. 

Are you experiencing acute back, neck, and shoulder pain? Let's explain and examine these five signs that indicate the mattress is at fault. 

Waking Up With Back Pain

One sign of a bad mattress is that you feel worse than the night before instead of feeling rested and ready to start the day. In fact, waking up and feeling pain is a bad sign and likely indicator that the mattress is causing the problem. If the symptoms occur right after you've slept, then it's likely caused by the last thing you did. In this case, it would be sleeping and waking up on a mattress that doesn't support your back. 

You Have an Old, Worn-Out Mattress 

If you look at or feel your spine, you can notice that it's not a flat surface and gently curved in several places. When you lay down, your spinal column will create indentations where more of the body's weight falls when the body is at rest. Over time, these indentations grow and can throw the body off balance. Instead of getting full support in places where the body's weight is distributed, the supportive cushion and coils have weakened and no longer effectively distribute your weight. In the cases of old mattresses, this naturally occurs over the life of a mattress and means it will need to be replaced. 

Sagging or Uneven Mattress

As with old and worn-out mattresses, an uneven, saggy, or aged mattress can also cause back pain. The reason for this is that a person's weight is not going to be distributed evenly. On an uneven or saggy mattress, the mattress may even be throwing one's spinal alignment off in a way that's even worse than a worn mattress. Consistently sleeping on a bumpy mattress will cause the body to adjust in response. Over time, this could cause back problems and make scoliosis or other issues worse. 

You Feel Fatigued All The Time

When you're always tired and are otherwise healthy, the mattress and corresponding poor sleeping habits are generally to blame. When you cannot get comfortable on a mattress, you will have more trouble getting and staying asleep. The key indicator of sleep problems is general malaise and tiredness the next day, or persistent fatigue. 

You Toss and Turn Constantly 

There's definitely a problem with your mattress if you can't get comfortable at night. A mattress shouldn't be an obstacle to fight for you to get a good night's rest. In fact, it should be the opposite and help you sleep well. 

How to Pick a Good Mattress for Your Back

Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses in New England has professionals that will help you decide what the best mattress is for you. Based on your current back pain, it's likely that you will need expert help picking a new mattress. You will have access to our professional expertise to find a match for you and your partner. Don't start another morning with back pain when there's a solution out there to fix it! Contact us today to get started on a new mattress.