The Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

Waking up happy, comfortable and well rested! Using Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses, thats the way to go!  

Chronic sleep deprivation is known to exacerbate heart conditions, cause the release of unpleasant stress hormones, and may lead to a weakened immune system. The heart and mind are integral to one's wellness and functioning. In addition to the physical ailments, one can experience problems with their mood merely due to lack of sleep. 

At Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses in the New England area, we hear a lot about our clients who experience increased anxiety and stress due to poor sleep. We like to point out the benefits of a good night's sleep and how it can improve one's short-term memory and help you function better in general. Human beings are highly complex individuals, and a good night’s sleep is essential to achieving your health goals and maintaining your quality of life. If you’re in the New England  area or online, we have a collection of mattresses to improve your overall sleep quality. 

A Good Night Sleep is Connected to the Mattress You Sleep On

At Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses, we understand the benefits of sleep because many of our esteemed customers seek us out when they have sleep problems. There are many causes of sleeplessness, but it could be that your sleeping troubles are a sign of discomfort due to old and outdated bedding. 

Signs Your Mattress Needs to Go

How do you know if it's your mattress that's the problem? There are several indicators for when a mattress should be replaced. Mattresses are not meant to last for life and have to be replaced every six to eight years. 

Some signs you need a new mattress are:

  • There is a clear imprint on the bed of where you sleep that has been there for years. This means that the springs have grown weaker in that area to support your weight distribution.
  • When your bed is offering you uneven support or is lopsided. 
  • If the mattress no longer has coils or proper support and has literal tears, then it's time to replace it.
  • Insomnia, back and neck pain and other problems are all possible signs that a mattress may need to be replaced.
  • If your mattress is over eight years old, then it’s highly recommended to replace your old mattress.

Waking Up Sore?

If you wake up sore, the mattress is over eight years old, and there are signs of wear on it, it's a sign that it needs to be replaced. In some cases, replacing an old mattress will resolve your sleeping troubles. Check out our catalog to browse our mattresses. 

Benefits of Good Night Sleep

If you sleep well at night, you will have a better mood. When you sleep better, you have better health. The lack of sleep can be dangerous. It is possible to get trapped in a vicious cycle where a lousy mood causes poor sleep, and the lack of sleep exasperates the bad mood. Questions? Need mattress recommendations? Contact us, and we will see if your mattress is the problem. If you have terrible sleep issues and have tried everything, consider replacing the mattress.

Image Source: fizkes/Shutterstock