Aging in Place Design Tips

As we age, it's common to seek professional care when we, our spouses, or our parents need more attention and medical treatment than one person can offer. Have you decided to seek professional care to help you or your aging parents? You’ll want the living space to be prepared for this lifestyle change. 

Search Cardi's online selections to age in place with style – our home design options cater to accessibility and comfort from the latest furniture models. We also offer delivery options, so you don't have to lift a finger. We're here to transform what retirement looks like for aging folks.

Aging in Place Design Checklist: How to Design Safe & Accessible Homes

Architects have developed comprehensive aging-in-place designs and layouts with many options that highlight safety, open plans, customized railings, and safeguards built into the home. As people age, their needs change, and their home reflects these changes. Just like how people remodel their homes after a child is born or on other occasions, we need to redesign our spaces for aging. 

Your home should accommodate your mobility, vision, and hearing changes and provide security against intruders. It should also be a place where you feel your best yet. Our specialty is in the furniture that accentuates changes in your home and self. 

Living Room Design

The most popular feature of aging in place in a living room happens to be the lift recliner, which will help you rest comfortably and safely get up with ease.  The living room is no longer necessarily a place predominantly for entertaining but one for resting. We've got you covered on assistive devices, ranging from high-end recliners to tray tables and other accessories. Most people who deal with aches and pains prefer using recliners since they cater to different body parts. 

Some recliners will accommodate back pain by changing how the chair tilts on the lumbar region or addressing cervical pain by providing comfort to the neck, like with the Power Rocker. We also have swivel gliders recliners, which means they can swivel in position to the left or right. Either type of model is helpful to those aging in place because many people may wish to move around a lot while relaxing to shift their body weight and neutralize any back or neck pain. 

Bedroom Design

When designing your bedroom, you’ll want to make sure your space is comfortable, calm, and uncluttered. Choose pieces of furniture that help you store and organize your belongings to keep the room feeling relaxed. Browse our dressers and nightstands to find the best pieces for your bedroom.  

Choosing a comfortable bed for your room is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as you age. Our NIROPEDIC Lift Beds lower vertically and do not require difficult climbing in and out of bed. It's perfect for people who may have hip or knee replacements and others who struggle with mobility.

Get Help Today from Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses for the Best Furniture Options

Aging in place is when people opt to live out their days in their home rather than in an unfamiliar retirement home. Our homes reflect a lifetime of work and personal achievements and are a place where we feel comfortable. If you’re preparing your home for a new chapter, it's time to check out the best recliners, assistive devices, and NIROPEDIC LIFT beds at Cardi’s Furniture and Mattresses. 

Our locations allow flexible delivery options and our online catalog for even more comfortable ideas. Check out Cardi’s Furniture and Mattresses today and start writing your next chapter in comfort. 

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