Get a better night’s sleep and so much more with adjustable mattresses and frames

Sleep is one of the most valuable ways to keep us healthy and happy. But too often, we end up with sleepless, and stressful, nights. If you find yourself without your precious Z’s, tossing and turning, your mattress may be the problem. Updating your mattress can help you regain your lost sleep and increase your comfort. One solution? Adjustable beds.

Adjustable mattresses can provide virtually unlimited ergonomic rest positions for sleeping and lounging. They also deliver pressure relief and adaptive alignment for your body. Healthwise, adjustable beds can help relieve back pain, increase circulation, and regulate breathing or snoring. And since most people essentially live in their beds, adjustable beds make working on a laptop, watching television, or reading a book all the more comfortable and easy. Plus, couples can customize each side to create the perfect night’s sleep for both of them — and eliminate an argument along the way.

More Than Just Adjustable

With recent trends and updates, the adjustable mattresses of today have increasingly helpful innovations available. New additions include styles that let you move both the feet and the head to adjust to maximum comfort for each individual. Other beds feature even more technology. Some come with built-in massage functions to make your sleeping experience feel more like a spa experience. Tech-friendly buyers have the option to get adjustable beds with built-in USB ports and remote connectivity to Android and Apple iOS devices. These features can allow you to buy a bed that feels exactly right and customized to you.

When it comes to mattress selection, there’s more than ever before. Many mattresses come with breathable cooling systems that let those who sleep hot get cozier. Others come with antimicrobial treatments that hinder dust mites and other microorganisms. There’s moisture wicking, mattresses made from coils or foam and sometimes both, cool-to-the touch systems, and more. Adjustable beds are customizable to almost every need you could possibly have, so make sure you know your options and what you’re interested in.

Don’t Sacrifice Style

Some people make the unfortunate association between adjustable beds and hospital beds. However, new adjustable frames and mattresses completely change that expectation. Adjustable bed frames now come in many different styles and sizes to match your current home design or help you create a new one. You can pick one with an accent headboard or grab your own attachable headboard to add your own personal flair to your bedroom.