With today’s stylish sleep sofas, you can turn a great-looking sofa into a comfortable bed like magic. It’s the easiest way to make extra room appear and make guest complaints vanish into thin air.

The key is to try before you buy. Don’t hesitate to try out various sleeping positions in the showroom to check for comfort and mattress quality. Consider whether you prefer innerspring or memory foam and test them both.

Since it will likely be used primarily for seating, sit on it too - does it fit you just right? Lastly, test the ease of the operating mechanism to make sure it’s a snap. It should open in one smooth motion without sticking.

Size depends on your guest needs and the space you have. Measure where you want to place the sleeper and include the space required when it’s unfolded. It’ll need as much room as a regular bed: twin, full or queen.

Sectionals with moveable chaises offer all kinds of versatility when it comes to arranging the room. And if you’re placing a table in front of it, make sure it’s on casters or lightweight enough to move easily.