Good Mornings App

Screen ShotOne of our staff members took this screen shot the other night. It’s called the “Good Mornings App” and according to the information listed in the App Store: “Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day!
 Good Mornings is a smart alarm clock that finds the optimal time to wake you up, keeps track of your sleep quality, and notifies you if you have a sleep debt.

Every night we go through different phases of sleep - from light to deep. The secret to waking up rested and feeling more energetic and alert upon awakening is to wake up during a period of your lightest sleep.
Good Mornings uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to monitor your movements while you are sleeping and detect which sleep phase you are in based on your body movements.

 It creates a 30-minute window before the wakeup time you set and goes off within this window while you're in the lightest phase of sleep so gently that it feels natural to wake up.

 In the morning, you also get a nightly record of your sleep in the form of a graph along with the most essential stats.

iTunes – March 2016


We have not tried this app and we’re not endorsing it – however we can tell you one thing is for sure: If you’re sleeping on the same bed as you did when you first got a “smart phone” we can sincerely tell you that while this app may have valid science behind it- You’re not going to sleep any better until you replace your entire sleep system.

 There is so much science – years of it in fact, that has gone into how a mattress, foundation, frame, adjustable base, pillows & linens support and keep you comfortable – all in an effort to give you the best nights sleep possible.

 Downloading an App that is geared towards improving sleep and using it while you sleep on a mattress that is at least 8 years old is like replacing the steering wheel on a car with a blown engine.

 With so much emphasis put on Performance & Productivity – from the clothing and footwear to optimizing systems and offices, we often overlook the foundation for a productive day: Restful, Recuperative & Rejuvenating Sleep on a comprehensively supportive sleep system.


Try this: Take 30 seconds and think about how you slept last night.

 If you think it could be better – then let us be the first to tell you –



 Start taking your sleep seriously by considering the most important component to that good nights rest. Who deserves the best nights sleep more than you do?

 Come on in – let us help. It would be our privilege to work with you finding the best sleep system that will greatly improve your health & quality of life!