Capture A Mid-Summer's Night Dream

Beautiful, breezy calming styles are just the ticket for hot summer nights. Retreat, rewind and recover from the beach, the city, your day. Since master bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, the trick is to choose furniture you love that fits your life. Though a good mattress is the key to resting your body, outfitting the rest of the room with furniture that speaks to your soul adds another layer of tranquility. ​ One thing we know for sure is that coastal cottage style is a top choice for master bedrooms, with its clean lines and serene pastels and whites.
 It never goes out of style and it brings a reminder of a wonderful day spent at the shore, even if you can’t get there. In the same vein, light grey is the new neutral and furniture in this color range brings a calming, chic look. ​ On the other hand, if exuberant is the look you’re going for, furniture with metallic trim adds that dash of glamour. If European regal is more your style, a double bow dresser and tufted sleigh-style head and foot board is a perfect choice. ​ Of course, furniture isn’t all about looks. Beds, dressers,bureaus and nightstands all have to work for the way you live. Look for added functionality such as underbed storage drawers; a hushed, built-in nightlight under the bed frame or nightstand for late night convenience, or a charging station built into your nightstand. ​
Extra seating in the bedroom is always a plus, whether chaise or bench. Just don’t let it become a stash spot – place it away from closets so you’re not tempted to toss clothes on the seat! ​