Mattress Technology is REALLY Cool!!!

Increased temperature and humidity levels in your bed disrupt your much-needed sleep. Today’s mattresses use NASA technology to deliver a better night’s rest. You get too hot, throw the covers off, then yank them back on when it gets cold. Or open a window. Maybe adjust the A/C. No matter how you try, interrupted sleep due to temperature fluctuation is frustrating.

A new mattress could help. Scientific-based Phase Change Materials such as the NASA-certified Outlast® fabric offer proactive heat management technology. It eliminates the highs and lows and keeps you temperature-neutral by absorbing excess heat, storing it, and releasing it back to you when needed or outside the mattress.

Others feature a layer of Tencel® fabric made from Eucalyptus trees, which is cooler to sleep on. Some use a gel-infused memory foam or open celled lift foam to help circulate air and dissipate heat build up while you sleep. All of them result in truly cool sleep. Lastly, your mattress is a big factor impacting your sleep, but not the only one. Consider your entire Sleep System – mattress, foundation, pillows, sheets, and mattress protector.