40 Winks For Your Guests


Sleeper sofas are great for extra overnight guests or summer sleepovers, staying up late and trading stories with friends. Now you don’t have to hesitate to offer an invitation to out of town friends and relatives to stay!

Today’s sleeper sofas offer style, convenience and comfort. Our large selection of sleepers in stock means last minute guests are not a problem. When you choose carefree Sunbrella® or Kashmira® fabrics, spills are not a problem either.

If you’re wondering what size to choose, measure where you want to place the sleeper and include the area you’ll need when it’s unfolded. Don’t forget to measure the doorway to make sure you can get it in the room. Sleeper sectionals offer super versatility for arranging your room. Comfort-wise, sleepers now offer a choice of inner spring or memory foam mattresses for increased sleep quality. Just like a bed, don’t hesitate to try out various sleeping positions when you’re shopping. Test retracting the bed too, so you can get a sense of how easy or heavy it is.