What would summer be without movies like Jaws, The Perfect Storm or binge watching your favorite shows? And what’s movie night without a great media center to keep your TV room looking great? With really cool new designs and a multitude of sizes, there’s an entertainment center for every home. From rustic chic to metallic glam to sophisticated man cave, there are no rules for furnishing your entertainment room except to have fun, make it inviting, and make it yours.

     Entertainment units come in all sizes and configurations, from console table to wall unit. Think about how many components you need to stow and how big they are so you’ll have enough air flow.

     If you have a gamer or two in the family, make sure you’ll have enough cubby space for all the accessories. And if you haven’t upgraded your television lately, choose a media center that will fit the size television you aspire to have. Many sets also have matching occasional tables to furnish your room more cohesively while offering valuable surface area for drinks and popcorn.

     Lastly, a bar can help tie the room together visually as well as hold your favorite beverages, fun drinkware and snack bowls. The result will be a family hangout room for years to come!