Springtime and the Living Room is Easy!


     Bring the colors and feelings of summertime into your home with these bright new pieces ready for quick delivery!  

     Want a fresh new look for summer? Start by looking around your living room and pretending it’s a summer rental house. Throw the windows open, pull back the drapery and let the light in. With all that light streaming in, it’ll be easier to tell which pieces you should replace.  

     Extraordinary seating with cool fabrics are the name of the game. Bold geometric patterns, bright florals, coastal blues and whites and coordinating neutrals all offer a chance for summer love. Of course you want to be practical, too. Kashmira®, available exclusively at Cardi’s Furniture, is a suede-like cross between fabric and leather and the most durable and cleanable fabric you’ll ever see. It’s stain-resistant and even ball point pen cleans up with just a baby wipe. Sofas in Sunbrella® fabrics offer great fade-resistance and super clean-ability too. Sectionals offer the ultimate in versatility, in pretty much any shape and configuration you can think of for any room you want! You can choose the living room, den, rec room, television room, maybe even the master suite.

Add and subtract pieces to fit your space and your family. Sectionals are perfect for those of us who like to rearrange the furniture every season, too. Speaking of rearranging, here’s another summer tip. If your furniture has been focused on the fireplace all winter, consider repositioning it so instead of facing the hearth, you shift the focus toward a big window or French doors. Room décor can make a big seasonal difference. Change heavy side tables for light and airy options, swap out a heavy dark area rug for a sisal rug and add natural decorative elements like shells and driftwood. The décor collections at Cardi’s Furniture are always fun and always changing– visit often and let your imagination run!