Multiplying Leather Options



      100% genuine leather continues to be a popular choice for its natural look and durability, adding style and warmth to any room with a luxurious feel. Whether cozy nook or statement room, furniture helps define a space with colors and textures.

     Leather furniture is no different. Blues, blacks and ivories are trending up, as are colors such as chili pepper that add a pop of color and wow factor to your room. With different sizes and configurations, the sectionals are very customizable and deliverable – easy to move around corners and up stairs.  Add more pieces and go as large as you want, and with left and right hand loveseats you can design your perfect set.

Style pointers

     Styles from classic to contemporary ensure your home can have just the vibe you’re looking for. And aniline leathers that are less resistant to body oils develop a patina over time, giving your piece that sought-after vintage look. While you’re designing, think about how your piece will be used. 100% leather will not tear as easily as bonded leather and will not crack and peel like vinyl.

     For a home with children and pets, leathers with a protective polymer coating tend to be more forgiving. The durability of treated leather means spills clean up easily, reducing entertaining worries. And consider your room’s sunlight factor. Like all furniture, leather will fade when left in direct sunlight over time. Some leathers with protective coatings will fade less, and so will lighter colors.