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Reclaimed Wood

Upcycling interiors, from ceiling to floor and all the furnishings in-between! Reclaimed wood is popping up all over in the design world, from ceilings to floors and everything in-between. While reclaimed wood isn’t new—the wood itself or the idea of repurposing this durable material—it’s certainly seen widespread surges in popularity in recent years. The Value It’s easy to see the appeal of reclaimed wood. Each piece carries a unique story, hundreds of years in the making. Reclaimed wood may be sourced from an old barn, home, factory or other decommissioned building, or may come from old ships, crates, fences, pallets or more. The act of repurposing durable wood also carries ecological benefits, decreasing the demand for new lumber as well...

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How to set-up a functional nightstand, without the clutter. We thoughtfully select our bed, mattress, pillows and covers. After all, we spend roughly a third of our time in our beds, and want to create a comfortable and supportive environment that encourages rest. Yet, there is one piece of bedroom furniture that is often forgotten. (Think best supporting characters to your bed’s starring role!) Selecting and setting up a nightstand may seem simple enough. However, these small bedside tables do more than just offer a place to set your glass of water during the night. Nightstands should anchor your bed, enhance your bedroom style, help achieve a set of balance in the room, and provide the desired functionality. Consider style...

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Tradition, Style and Value

  You can’t beat the sensuous look and feel of 100% top grain leather, tailored in a range of styles to fit your fancy. Leather furniture has long been a popular choice for its natural look, value and durability. Did you know a 100% top grain leather sofa will last as long as three fabric sofas? And it will always outlast vinyl. Like wine, leather gets better with age and maintains its value. As a natural product, leather breathes so it will never feel sticky or sweaty. In addition, real, top-grain leather shows the natural pebbling, veining and brand marks that leather connoisseurs look for. You might be surprised at the many ways leather furniture can look. Add brass nailhead...

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Dress your living room for spring

Nothing says spring like a fresh new look in the living room.   You try on a dress in blue but you’re just not feeling it. Same dress in red, and bam! You fall in love. Same thing with furniture - the same exact sofa can look drastically different just by changing up the fabric. Your choice can give the piece a whole new vibe, from sophisticated chic to nautical cottage. When shopping, don’t get stuck on the fabric you see on the showroom floor, look at the swatches and let us help you choose. Of course, the ultimate in making your own style is Cardi’s Custom Upholstery which includes sofas, loveseats, sectionals and chairs. Choose from 400 fabulous fabrics...

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More Power For The People!

  Reclining furniture is more relaxing than ever before with more power options and stylish choices     “Is it comfortable?” That’s the number one question shoppers ask and the answer is a resounding Yes! Especially now that many motion furniture pieces include a power headrest. No more kinks in your neck and you’ll get the perfect position for your head and body – no matter if you’re watching TV, reading a book, or sneaking a nap. You will find recliners all tricked out with a USB plug, cup holders with night lights, reading lights and hidden storage. Choose a variety of materials to suit your style, whether leather or one of our performance fabrics such as Kashmira®, the most...

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