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Get your home ready for fall with these easy design tips! Do you start craving pumpkin lattes before the last day of summer? Do you plan your weekend outings according to the best fall foliage? Are the cool late summer evenings making you pull out your hoodie collection in eager anticipation? Autumn lovers, your favorite time of year is almost here! Follow these decorating tips to get your home ready for fall. Decorate for Fall Decorating for fall doesn’t have to be a complex process. We recommend sticking with two main areas to update your space, without going overboard: the front door and your dining table. Set the mood for a fall transition at your front door with a festive...

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Refresh, Rejuvenate and Relax!

  Kick back and put your feet up on a super pillowy ottoman. Gather martini mixers and tools (for shaken, not stirred) on a classy bar cart. Retrieve your wine and glasses from a sophisticated cabinet. Rest your lemonade on sleek nesting tables. No matter how you relax, we can help you do it in style.  

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Designing a kids room is no picnic!

Having a cool bedroom is always in style. Having options that work with your space and budget is even better. Fortunately, with a wide variety of styles, we can make achieving both goals a piece of cake. For the baby’s room, shades of gray or white furniture paired with soft colors (pink, blue, yellow, mint) are serene but also offer a modern twist. As children get older they form their own style preferences, often embracing bright primary colors and bold patterns which are easy to accommodate with accent chairs, area rugs, and ottomans. For tweens and teens, storage becomes even more important for books, clothes, sports equipment and more. Think underbed drawers, bookcases, and beds with built-in shelving. For ever-changing...

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Hot Summer Nights Keeping You Awake?

Sleep experts are not surprised. As part of your body’s natural rhythm, your core temperature drops about half a degree at night, signaling bedtime. That’s hard to do in the summer, and not everyone can crank up the A/C. Worse, every night you could be losing multiple hours of sleep if you have a mattress that doesn’t fit your body. Sleep is as important to a healthy life as diet and exercise. And as London shoemaker John Wildsmith said, “you are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.” So perhaps it’s time to look into a new sleep system that supports the way you sleep. Consider mattresses and pillows with temperature management...

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