What is NIROPE?


Where did it come from?

Here is the story: When we were kids, our parents bought us a 10-foot row boat. This was a subtle way of letting us know we would have to work to get anywhere in life. Our great-aunt Grace then told us we needed to name the boat. She took the first 2 letters of each of our first names, Nick(NI), Ron(RO) & Pete’s(PE), and called it “NI-RO-PE” as in rope to tie the boat.

Later we used “NI-RO-PE” to help describe in a single word our personal assurance that when shopping at any one of our stores, you will experience the largest selection, the best service, and enjoy the absolute lowest prices. We are proud to carry on and deliver the tradition of legendary customer service to all of our customers.

NIROPE with Mom
NIROPE in Office