If you fear these words for yourself or someone you care for, read on! Introducing the NIROPEDIC LIFT, our NEW HI - LOW adjustable bed. The NIROPEDIC LIFT lowers for easy entry at "GO TO BED" time, its head and foot sections also adjust for reading, watching TV... and, of course, the most comfortable sleep positions. As needed, the NIROPEDIC LIFT will elevate you to the desired height for any assisted care that needs to be provided. Then, when it's time to get out of bed, the NIROPEDIC LIFT will position you at the best height to "GET OUT OF BED". Go to bed, Sleep and Get out of bed positions are all programmable with NIROPEDIC LIFT remote’s 3 programmable memory buttons. Our Mom loves this bed... you will too!

NIROPEDIC Lift - Go to Bed

The NIROPEDIC LIFT HI - LOW Vertical Lift Adjustable Bed rises and lowers vertically for the “GO TO BED” position. Just sit and lie down, no more climbing into bed.

NIROPEDIC Lift - Sleep

The head and foot adjust for reading, watching TV, and the most comfortable “SLEEP” positions.

NIROPEDIC Lift - Get Out of Bed

When it’s time to get out of bed, it can position you up or down, providing the best height for you to “GET OUT OF BED”.


As needed, it will elevate you to the desired height for assisted care.

NIROPEDIC Lift - Customize

The “GO TO BED”, “SLEEP” and “GET OUT OF BED” positions are all programmable with the included remote.