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Green Initiatives

cardi's green poster

Our Rt.2 West Warwick, S.Attleboro, and Swansea, locations feature the following:

Green Initiative

Cardi's Furniture's lawn irrigation system uses 100% well water

Green Initiatives

Cardi's Furniture's roof runoff is 100% recharged and flow controlled with detention basins.

Green Initiatives 1

Cardi's Furniture's parking lots all have run off filtered through sedimentation basins and then subsequently filtered a second time before recharging the ground water.

Green Initiatives 2

Cardi's Furniture recycles 100% of our cardboard, plastic and wood pallets.

Green Initiatives 3

Cardi's Furniture's showroom lighting has been changed to 90% LED reducing the electrical load 33-40% in our Rt. 2 West Warwick Cardi's & RIDC, Swansea, Hyannis, Wareham and S. Kingstown locations.

Green Initiatives 4

Cardi's Furniture utilizes environmental controls for HVAC and lighting to ensure usage only when needed in our Rt. 2 West Warwick, S. Attleboro, Wareham and Swansea locations including our Distribution Center.