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Full over Full Bunkbed


This beautiful and extra safe bunkbed is perfect for your childs bedroom. With its straight ladder making getting up and down easy, and its ability to withstand up to 800 lbs of weight pressure,  you can feel confident in getting this bed for your little ones to grow with.  


SKU:                600451241
Brand Name:   Maxwood Furniture
Dimensions:     81.25"X 60.75"X 8.25"H 
Finish:              Natural
Instructions:     Prohibit Children Under 6 Yrs Old On Upper Bunk
                         Use Guardrails On Both Sides Of Upper Bunk
                         Mattress Must Be 5" Below Upper Edge Of Guardrails
                         Prohibit Horseplay on or Under Beds
                         Prohibit More Than One Person On Upper Bunk
                         Use Ladder For Entering And Leaving Upper Bunk



Full over Full Bunkbed

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