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Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson
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Jennifer Wilson has had a love for design and architecture since she was a young girl, but it wasn't until she and her husband David took on the remodeling of their own home in 2004 that Jen realized she could turn this love into something more than a hobby.
After finishing the construction project at her home, Jen went back to school and attended the Art Institute of America to study Interior Design and Residential Space Planning. In 2008 Jen opened her own business, specializing in Interior Design and sewing custom window treatments and pillows.
Jen’s background of growing up on Cape Cod helps her bring a unique perspective to her design projects. Over the last decade, Jen has worked part time for a design company, as well as her own business, and has led hundreds of design projects all over Cape Cod, the South Shore, the South Coast, and Martha’s Vineyard. This vast experience has equipped her to design your space to reflect who YOU are, and to create a welcoming, beautiful, functional space that you will love coming home to.
Jen is excited to be designing for the Cardi's Decorating Solutions team at the new Wareham location. When she is not working part time at Cardi's, Jen is quite busy managing her home, homeschooling her 4 children, volunteering weekly with two nonprofit organizations, and running the Children’s Church Program at her church.