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Cover: Stone and Glass

Finish: Beige Stone

Construction: Rough Mactan stone layered with smooth Pasteur Stone and a glass top.

If not being delivered, some assembly may be required.

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Dusting is a key factor in maintaining your wood furniture. A clean, soft cloth is all that is needed most of the time.If using a liquid cleaner or polish - put liquid on the cloth being used and not directly on the furniture. Be careful to always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the products you purchase. We suggest Cardi's Furniture Care Made Easy Wood Care Kit to help you clean, polish and protect your wood furniture.

Darkening of Natural Cherry Natural cherry wood will darken with exposure to light. This is a natural process and enhances the beauty of the wood; however, you should be mindful of uneven darkening. We recommend you not permanently rest objects on exposed surfaces during the first two weeks. During this period, an object left in the same place for even a few days will show a lighter color beneath. After the break-in period you can leave objects in place since color development will be complete.

Care of wood products When dusting your wood, use a clean, soft cloth by itself or with a spray polish, following the grain pattern.

Natural variations in wood The grain patterns, textures, and colors of hardwood varies with each piece. These natural variations should not be considered defects, but rather part of the charcter and beauty of real wood.

Effects of climate Wood products respond to changes in humidity. In dry seasons, the wood will shrink a bit, while it will expand again in more humid weather. Fine furniture and wood products are built to allow for these natural changes. To minimize the effects of climate, keep your wood products out of direct sunlight and drafts from air or heating vents. Use coasters, cosmetic trays or saucers beneath drinks, potted plants,or anything that contains liquids. Left standing, liquids can cause white circles in your finish and if left for long periods can cause the finish to lift from the wood.

Direct sunlight can damage your furniture. Steady, prolonged exposure can cause fading or create hairline cracks. Therefore, keep your furniture away from open windows or heating and air conditioning sources. Close proximity to these sources can also adversely affect the moisture content of your wood.

Do not allow synthetics, rubber, or plastics to rest on your wood finish for prolonged periods of time as they might contain chemicals that can damage the finish. Oils may also cause your finish to deteriorate.

While fabric table cloths and cork-backed placemats tend to be finish friendly, remember your table likes to breathe and guests can sometimes spill beverages which may seep through a mat without your knowing. Cardi's recommends a table pad to protect your table top. It comes in colors and finishes to match with heat shield.

Take care not to overload your curio or china glass shelves. When placing heavy or numerous items on a single shelf consider appropriate weight distribution.

If doors or drawers do not appear to fit properly, first check to see whether your furniture is sitting level on the floor. If not, you may want to adjust any leveling glides (if applicable) as described in the information received with your furniture. Furniture can settle into carpeting or rugs. If drawers and doors begin to bind, the leveling glides may need to be adjusted.

If you need to remove one of your drawers please follow this procedure: For a drawer with nylon wheel guides, look for levers on either side to release the drawer. To remove a drawer with wood guides, bring the drawer forward as far as it will go, then with one hand on each side of the drawer, give it a firm pull. This will release the drawer stop. The drawer stop will automatically engage when the drawer is reinserted.

When moving your bed, always disassemble it first. Moving a wooden headboard or footboard without doing so can exert undue stress on the rails causing acrack or separation.

Refer to manufactor bedding guide for proper support needed.

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