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Measuring For Delivery!

We want to ensure your new furniture is delivered successfully. Here is some important measurement and obstruction information you should consider before you purchase your furniture and have it delivered. Quick Fit Questions Can your street or access to your residence accommodate a 28' delivery truck? Will the furniture fit through all doorways? Will your hallway size allow our team to fit through with product? Will the furniture fit up your stairway? Is your room ready for the product? How we measure your furniture We measure your furniture by length, width and height as seen below to determine how much floor and wall space your new furniture will occupy. Measuring for delivery Measure the diagonal depth and width of the...

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For The Little Ones....

An innovative Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses Free*** Crib program lets your furniture grow with your child. Purchase a new crib at Cardi’s Furniture and when your child is ready for a big bed, you can trade in the crib within the next four years for the full purchase price towards up to 50% of your next purchase. Cribs start at $299.99.

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The ABC's of Smarter Sleep

While you’re in deep sleep, your brain is busy analyzing data, strengthening memories, consolidating new information and solving problems. That makes a restful night’s sleep key to retaining what you learn and committing more to long term memory for both students and parents. You don’t have to be a researcher to know that if you don’t get a good night’s sleep,nothing seems to go right the next day. You need to be able to detox and physically restore with a comfortable sleep system. Don’t let an inadequate mattress rob you of that deep sleep. Whether it doesn’t have enough support, or allows pressure build up instead of conforming and cradling you, or doesn’t dissipate body heat throughout the night, send...

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