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The ABC's of Smarter Sleep

While you’re in deep sleep, your brain is busy analyzing data, strengthening memories, consolidating new information and solving problems. That makes a restful night’s sleep key to retaining what you learn and committing more to long term memory for both students and parents. You don’t have to be a researcher to know that if you don’t get a good night’s sleep,nothing seems to go right the next day. You need to be able to detox and physically restore with a comfortable sleep system. Don’t let an inadequate mattress rob you of that deep sleep. Whether it doesn’t have enough support, or allows pressure build up instead of conforming and cradling you, or doesn’t dissipate body heat throughout the night, send...

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Unfold a Great Sleeper Sofa

    Get ready to exceed your expectations with more choices than ever. The key word in sleeper sofas these days is Choice. In sizes, colors and configurations. Have you seen the chofa? It’s a chaise lounge with a sleeper built in, and the base can move to either side depending on your living room setup.     Even if you’re in a rush, you have choices. We have three sizes (twin, full and queen) in three colors in stock – always. The colors are great neutrals graphite, light sage and mocha – and the style is cozy casual. Or, choose from the biggest array of coastal themes around: stripes, pastels and all kinds of blues. With tons of colors...

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Office Space

Energize your work space with office function and beauty! Modern life has affected home design in many ways, but perhaps none so much as the need for a home office to organize the household CEO or run a home-based business. Whether you’re carving a nook out of the kitchen or have an entire dedicated room, you’ll find plenty of options for your corner office!      

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Time For Recess?

Everyone needs a little downtime. Chill out with a great entertainment center! Whether you’re furnishing a dedicated theater room or a multi-function great room, an entertainment center that meets your needs can anchor the room with style. When choosing location, find the spot with the least amount of sunlight to avoid glare bouncing off your screen. Then remember these three rules. 1. Measure 3D wall space: width, depth and height. If it helps, draw out the room on graph paper and figure in enough space for seating so traffic can flow freely when you make a snack run. 2. Consider your electronics, current and future. Technology advances, prices drop, and you may want a larger television in the future, so...

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